August 23, 2013 John & Barbara Connor


Hello Barbara,

Know that I don’t say this lightly and I am quite well traveled.  I feel totally and I mean totally blessed to have met you.   You have done more to make my body feel better today than anyone ever has.   You are truly gifted and my body thanks you from the very depths of who I am.  

KW – Chapel Hill

Hi Barbara,

I wanted to let you know what amazing things happened to me after I saw you. I stood straight, without leaning, for the first time in years! My husband noticed a significant change in the muscles in my back. My coworkers said I look taller and immediately noticed the difference. And I was able to spend the day shopping with Julie and my nieces, without pain. What a treat! I have not done that for a very long time.

Of course, later, I realized that I had done a bit too much (I also cleaned the condo when I returned to the beach) But, I cannot thank you enough. It was close to miraculous, for me. You will definitely be seeing me again soon.

JH – New Jersey

Barbara Connor has given me a life worth living!!!  I have been a client of Barbara’s for almost ten years.  In July 2000, I had been been suffering cervical neck pain for over two years following surgery in July 1998.  After my initial visit with Barbara I was overwhelmed with hope that she could help me.

Barbara’s knowledge of Acupuncture and Cranial Sacral Therapy has provided me immediate and continuous relief for new and ongoing problems in my body.

Over the years, Barbara and her husband, John Connor, have been strong advocates for the healing power of herbs.  Both my husband and I have benefited through their knowledge of herbs.  They are constantly seeking avenues to expand their herbal education.  I feel that Barbara and John are totally dedicated to being the best as healers.

DB – Durham, NC

My committed journey to a strong, healthy and cancer free body began March 12, 2010. After performing a SBE (self-breast examination) and reporting it to my healthcare provider, tests revealed DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ), Stage 0, Grade 2, multifocal breast cancer which, for me, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My prognosis was a mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy and the removal of my ovaries. I declined to have surgery, fired my doctor and immediately began doing research to learn about my options. The various steps that I took to address my healthcare finally lead me to John and Barbara Connor who specialize in providing alternative approaches for individuals diagnosed with many different types of cancer. Once I completed my initial consultation with them, I immediately began following their prescribed protocol. Within three months, most of my blood levels were within optimal range and I continue to improve as I have weekly cranial-sacral acupuncture treatments, a healthy diet and superb supplements to help my body heal and repair itself. Barbara and John are a God-send to me. I trust their knowledge and experience to guide me on the road to optimal health.

RB – Durham, NC

John has been my acupuncturist since March 2003.  My husband and I are recreational skydivers, which can take a toll on the back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees and ankles. John and Barbara have treated our minor aches and pains from our extreme hobby, as well as more serious injuries to my husband’s neck and shoulders, which were sustained in a high speed rollover automobile accident. As brilliant as John and Barbara are as healing artists using cranial sacral therapy and acupuncture, to speak of them only as professionals in these modalities would not provide a complete picture.

John and Barbara have long been students of herbal therapies and nutritional supplements, attending professional education courses every year. And John, particularly, routinely conducts searches of the medical and scientific literature for studies describing the efficacy of herbal and nutritional therapies to treat or prevent a variety of disease states. He pours through this literature and distills it down into summary documents that his patients can read and understand. Moreover, he and Barbara use this information to supplement the care they give to their cranial-sacral and acupuncture patients by recommending herbal and nutritional therapies that are appropriate for them.

John and Barbara have been working with Donnie Yance through the ETMS Integrative Healthcare Consulting Program for several years for the benefit of their patients. Through this program they have learned a great deal about using integrative therapies in conjunction with conventional health care. John has been extremely dedicated to spending hours learning about the scientific basis for many new Western medicine oncology therapies. This is not an easy undertaking since many years of focused study are usually undertaken to learn this information as a full-time student. John began, and has continued, his study while maintaining an active healthcare practice and caring for many patients.

John and Barbara care for the whole person. When you first come to see John, even being a long-time patient, he probes into, not only how your physical body is feeling (ie, where are the aches and pains?), but also asks about your eating habits, sleep patterns, stress levels with work or school, etc. John cares for every aspect of his patients’ well-being. He is firm, but caring, in the way he provides counsel on lifestyle choices that effect his patients’ health. He makes clear recommendations for improving eating habits and explaining why that is an important aspect to healing and wellness. John and Barbara also clearly understand that many people, sadly, do not know how to cook healthy meals. Therefore, they offer cooking classes to their patients to teach them to properly cook vegetables and to show them that making healthy choices can taste delicious too. John also shows by example the importance of physical exercise to maintaining optimal health through his daily walking exercise and his yoga practice. John encourages his students to stay active with exercise that is appropriate to them.

The most special thing, in my opinion, about John as a healer is the spiritual element he brings to the care of his patients. John has a sincere love of God that he is able to articulate in an accepting and embracing way without alienating patients. His patients feel the love and spiritual aspects of John’s healing through his treatments. John encourages his patients to embrace spiritual practices as a part of their daily lives for well-being, peace and happiness. John lives, in his daily life, the true meaning of integrative. John addresses every aspect of well being – mind, body, spirit – in his approach to his patients. John is a gem of a health care provider.

MR – Sanford, NC

John Connor, M.Ac., L.Ac., has been my craniosacral acupuncturist since November of 2004. As someone who has survived three totaled automobile accidents, I have ongoing challenges with my lower back; these issues are exacerbated by the fact that my job as a counseling psychologist requires me to sit in one position for sustained periods of time. John’s healing treatments work through my bodily restrictions and provide an oasis of peace and stillness which restores my body’s health while it rejuvenates my spirit. At each session John attentively listens to my concerns, and with a gentle and thorough approach addresses each in turn.  Inevitably, the rock-like obstructions in my lower back, the tension in my shoulders, and the knots in my neck are released, and I leave with a sense of well-being and renewed energy.

John is a true healer.  His compassionate nature is attuned to the distinct needs of each patient, and he works diligently to acquire whatever additional knowledge is needed to improve each one’s condition..  He takes his commitment to his patients very seriously.  Via email, he distributes a daily health newsletter to disseminate the latest information on research and treatment for a wide variety of conditions.  Although some people slow down as they grow up, aside from hair loss John shows none of the typical “visible signs of aging.”  Instead, he demonstrates an increasing passion for his work and an insatiable desire to learn, to be useful, and to be a conduit for growth and healing.  He and his wife, Barbara Connor, epitomize the best qualities of their profession.

SJ – Chapel Hill, NC